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Clarksville Light and Water (CL&W) is a municipally owned utility belonging to the people of Clarksville, Arkansas. The population of Clarksville was 9,251 as of the last census and has experienced consistent growth for the last few decades. The utility currently provides electric, water and wastewater services to the community of Clarksville as well as potable water to city residents on a retail level.

CL&W is unique from a couple of different aspects. It is one of only fourteen (14) cities in the State of Arkansas to own an electric utility. The other aspect is CL&W uses Ozone as its primary disinfection method for water rather than chlorine. At present, the electric utility system has a summer peak at over 50 megawatt's. CL&W serves over 4,500 customers and has a healthy industrial load for a community of just under 10,000. A significant amount of our power supply is made up of renewable energy resources as well. Although CL&W's water utility has 3,900 connected retail customers for our population within the city limits, we serve an additional eight (8) wholesale water systems with our sixteen (16 MGD) million gallon plant capacity. This means that we actually serve a population of approximately 28,000 in the Arkansas River Valley area. The Wastewater utility has 3,600 customers.

The current governance of CL&W was set up in its present form in 1947. At that time the City Council appointed a Utility Commission to oversee its operations in a businesslike manner. The Commission is an agency of the city, responsible to the citizens of Clarksville through the City Council, whose members you elect. Commissioners are appointed for staggered five-year terms and serve without compensation. They are charged with the responsibility of administering the Light and Water Company in the best interest of the people of Clarksville.