Phil Sharps

Clarksville Connected Utilities
Title: Technical Services Manager
Phone: 479-754-6241 Ext 228
Phil Sharps

The Support Services Manager, Phil Sharps has been with Clarksville Connected since 2018. He reports directly to the General Manager.

As Support Services Manager, he is the key individual responsible for overseeing a department with diverse areas of responsibility which includes Vehicle Maintenance, Easement Acquisition, Building Inspection, AutoCAD Mapping, GIS, GPS, Industrial Maintenance, and Engineering. Along with his duties, he serves as safety director which develops and maintains all safety rules, conducts safety meetings with all employees, provides monthly company performance reports and interacts with State DOL and Federal OSHA offices. He also reviews water and sewer line replacement projects that have been submitted or developed by the engineer including new subdivisions, street and highway projects that require extensions, relocation of facilities.


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